Nando’s customer ‘appalled’ by size of chicken burger after getting out his tape measure


If there’s one thing we take very seriously in life, it’s food and we all have certain standards when it comes to what we eat.

These standards might involve the way food is cooked, the appearance or the amount of money it costs.

One man recently has taken issue with the size of his food, after ordering from Nando’s.

A Twitter user named Jason Kurensky ordered a grilled chicken burger from the fast-food chain but was less than impressed when his £6.75 meal arrived.

Thinking the chicken looked a bit small, he decided to whip out his tape measure and check exactly how big it was.

He shared a photo of himself measuring the food online, with the chicken appearing to come in around the 9cm mark.

Alongside the snap, he complained to the official Nando’s UK account.

“This is appalling,” he wrote. “Not even a 10cm piece of chicken for £6.75.

“I have been a customer for almost 20 years! The tomato slice is bigger!”

Jason’s tweet quickly went viral, garnering 1,000 retweets and hundreds of likes and comments.

Many people found the situation amusing and couldn’t help poking fun at the photo.

One person joked: “Some tomatoes are big tho and some chickens are small stop body shaming.”

Another asked: “Have you measured the thickness of the chicken, as sometimes you can get a really nice thick breast and that would obviously compensate for the lack of length?”

While a third said: “Do I want to know why you brought a tape measure to a restaurant or nah?”

Someone else replied: “My thoughts are with you at this difficult time.”

A different user added: “Most people would be praising @NandosUK for that incredible slice of tomato.”

A spokesperson for Nando’s UK said: “All our chicken is served fresh and sometimes the sizes of the burgers do vary as not every chicken breast is the same size, we have regulations and measures in place to try and keep our portion sizes as consistent as possible.

“We always aim to provide good value for money for our customers and have been in touch with Jason.”