Parents couldn’t agree on a baby name – so they both call daughter something different


When it comes to picking a name for your child, it can be pretty difficult to find something that both you and your partner really like.

Many couples often compromise on this, although this can lead to baby name regret from one of the parents.

In order to avoid this, one mum and dad thought they’d come up with a clever solution – but the man’s new fiancée doesn’t agree and thinks their plan is “ridiculous”.

The unnamed woman revealed all in a post on Reddit’s Am I The A**hole forum, claiming that her husband-to-be and his ex-girlfriend use different names for their daughter because they couldn’t agree on one moniker.

In her post on the social media platform, the fiancée said: “My fiancé has a daughter from a previous relationship. It was a very hostile one and by the time his ex got pregnant, they were very much on the rocks.

“She named the child without my fiancé’s input, naming her after her grandmother/herself and mother and using her last name. My fiancé was furious about this and wanted their child to have his last name and be named after his grandmother and a name he particularly liked.

“These aren’t the names, but think the difference between Sarah Katherine Jones and Samantha Elizabeth Smith. He won the first fight in that she will eventually have his last name, but not the second.

The woman goes on to say that the battle for custody of the child was pretty difficult and her partner wasn’t able to see his daughter much until she was one.

The child is now almost three and her parents have split their time with her 50/50.

However, to avoid going back to court to settle their issues, they decided that the little girl would have one name while at her mum’s house and another while with her dad.

“I think this is ridiculous, but they say that it’s not fair that her father had zero say in his own child’s name, and that it’s not much different than people who have a street name and a government name,” explains the fiancée.

“They’ve already started this, with her grandparents, aunts/uncles and father starting to introduce the name Sam.

“I don’t want any part in this. I don’t think it will even work because this kid is already going to be three years old, sooner rather than later it will make me look like the toxic stepmother and it’s just stupid to have a kid going by two completely different names. She’s one person.”

She went on to ask if she would be in the wrong if she continued to call the little girl by the name her mother gave her.

More than 700 people replied to the Reddit post, with many agreeing with the fiancée that it would be too confusing for the daughter.

One said: “A man who views a child, a small person , as a pawn and a trophy. He apparently doesn’t care that this will be incredibly confusing for the child. He just wants his own way. He is a terrible father already.”

Another wrote: “The dude is fully unreasonable, deeply petty and he showcases a worrisome lack of self-awareness when it comes to arguments and disagreements.”

A third added: “Yep the fiancé is pathetic. He already got his way with the child having his surname but this little girl has an established first name. How dare he think he can rename her and confuse her.”